Whether it is a long-lasting, seasonal, or the result of a recent upsetting event, the goal of our work is to restore you to the best version of yourself and help increase satisfaction in your life.

Anxiety, nervousness, and stress can result from anticipating an upcoming event or general worry. I offer support to manage your symptoms and help you address the cause of your concern.

Adjustment to College (and adulthood)
The transition to college, both undergraduate and graduate, offers many unique challenges. I have been working with college students both as a college instructor and a counselor and truly enjoy helping students during this time in their lives. Click here to learn more.

Grief and Loss
A loss whether it is death a loved one, a pet, or a health loss most often causes grief, sadness and anger. I offer support to help you heal from the pain you might feel.
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Relationship Challenges
Forming a healthy relationship, working through difficulties with a current partner, or transitioning out of a relationship. We will approach these concerns at your own pace, keeping in mind your long and short-term goals for relationships in your life.

Moving to a new country/state offers challenges. I work with people to help you  make the transition as easy as possible.