Are you:

  • Confused or overwhelmed with the amount of your responsibilities?
  • Losing your motivation to study?
  • Wondering how and if I will “fit in”?
  • Having difficulties with your girlfriend/boyfriend?
  • Homesick?
  • Smoking weed to cope?

The transition to college presents a set of challenges to students, whether it is undergraduate or graduate study. I truly enjoy working with people during this time in their life and have had great success connecting with college-aged clients. Even if just for a few sessions, I have found that counseling offers a great place for students to discuss their experiences and learn coping skills to master their new environment.

I have worked with students for many years both as counselor and as a college instructor and am very familiar with the difficulties students experience.

Transition to college can be difficult for parents as well. I offer help for parents with issues related to their child transition to college.

Here are some common questions asked by students and their parents:

Can parents have communication with counselors?
Under most circumstances, not without a release from the client. Most college students are over age 18, so they are legally adults. The information in sessions is kept strictly confidential unless there is serious threat of harm to self or others. If students would like communication between his/her parents and me, they can sign a release to allow so.

How long do I have to attend therapy?
Attendance in therapy is purely your choice. I recommend giving it a chance (maybe 3-4 sessions) to see if it is helpful to you, but you never have to return if you don’t want to.

Can I make an appointment for my son/daughter?
Although I am happy to talk with parents about counseling for their child, I recommend having your son or daughter call themselves so we can talk by phone to see if it is a good fit. I also believe that having them make the choice to make the call is an important step all on its own.

If I come in, are you going to recommend I take medication?
Taking medication is always the client’s choice. If I feel medication would be helpful for you, we can discuss the pros and cons of this option and decide together.

If I need medication, can you prescribe it for me?
I do not prescribe medications, but have great resources to help students get medication if it is necessary.